Why HyperLeap?

Hyperleap brings a forward-thinking approach that leaves the consumer excited about their WiFi experience. We use world-class technology to deliver superior internet speed and connectivity.
We will design, install, and manage a fiber-grade WiFi network in your property. Let us craft an option that best fits your property and your needs.

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Retrofit Existing Properties.

Free WiFi in Common Areas.

Increase your NOI.

“Instant On”

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fast wifi matters

People demand connectivity.

Fast, reliable internet is the engine that fuels the “smart homes” of today. Tech applications such as smart tvs, smart locks, and smart thermostats are dependent on internet connectivity. The IoT, streaming, gaming, and countless other activities rely on the communication infrastructure that keeps modern living humming.

Better residence experience.

Moving into a new apartment is already burdensome. Having to setup a WiFi provider when moving only adds to your residents' hassles. A pre-installed, managed WiFi network sets your property apart. This modern luxury can enhance the experience for your residents in 3 ways:

  • Easy Setup: No more scheduling appointments to set up the internet. Property-wide WiFi is instantly ready in each unit before move-in.
  • WiFi in Common Areas:  Whether your residents are hanging out in the gym or community coworking space, property-wide WiFi is a luxury they will appreciate. Connectivity in common areas ensures your residents aren't tethered to one location.
  • Upgrade Bandwidth at Any Time - Specialized users like gamers and super streamers know how much bandwidth online content can require. Residents can choose the bandwidth package that best fit their needs and upgrade at any time.
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Do you market WiFi as an amenity?

Why not? High-speed internet is the number #1 amenity residents are willing to pay a premium for, yet WiFi is rarely touted as a top amenity. With HyperLeap, you can offer exactly what your residents desire. Set your property apart from the competition by having a world class WiFi experience. Advertise pre-installed, instant on, frictionless signup experience because FAST WiFi MATTERS!

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Why choose HyperLeap over a giant telecom provider?

Big telecom companies rank lowest in consumer satisfaction scores. Residents are “cutting the cord” in favor of streaming, and many now work from home after pandemic-related shifts in the workplace. Fast, reliable, high-speed internet is the #1 service demanded by residents. But most residents feel like they overpay for a subpar product with a poor consumer experience.

HyperLeap can deliver a better experience at a lower price.