Bringing innovation to the traditional telecom model.

Hyperleap is a premium alternative to traditional telecom providers. Our goal is to provide faster internet, competitive prices, and a better consumer experience. Outfitting your multifamily property with premium WiFi can separate your brand from the competition.

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Gigabit Internet

Symmetrical speeds.

HyperLeap is the perfect service for cord cutters, gamers, and anyone who wants a fast, reliable, and affordable internet service.





DSL, Cable and Fiber technologies upload and download speeds.

Is your property operating on a technology platform that is 10, 20, 30 years old?

Use HyperLeap as a value-add amenity. Let us upgrade your existing property with a premium technology backbone. We specialize in retrofitting and can do this at no cost to the owner.

Connected communities.

Residents want fast and reliable WiFi throughout the entire property — not just their apartment. We can provide complimentary premium WiFi in common areas such as pools, courtyards, dog parks, and gyms. While other providers might nickel and dime you, we want a partnership where we all benefit.

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Future proof your property.

Each year residents require increasingly more connectivity in their units. This trend creates more demand for bandwidth capacity. A property that’s calibrated for fast WiFi today may not be competitive in just a few years.

HyperLeap’s managed WiFi network engineers a fiber infrastructure with the ability to upgrade the network to 10G without having to lay an additional wire. Your property will be able to support the advancements in data transmission for the next 20 years.

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Construction services.

We want to be involved in the project from the early stages. Once you receive blueprints from the architect, our team can begin consulting on the design of a customized fiber map for the property. Once dirt work is complete, let us combine our expertise in an array of infrastructure services:

  • Trenching, boring, site utility work
  • Conduit layout and pathway design
  • Installation of copper and fiber intra and inter building backbone cabling
  • Fiber and copper termination
  • Testing and certification of all horizontal and backbone cabling

Don’t wait on other telecom companies to get you a fiber map for the property and hold up progress of construction. We want to be involved from consulting, to design, to execution as a true partner to your construction team.

A frictionless activation. Pre-installed, hardwired, and "Instant On."

No one likes dealing with their internet provider. Automated customer service, long waits on hold, waiting for technicians—rarely is it a positive experience. Hyperleap’s “Instant On” makes the user experience easy. No calls, no waiting, no modems, no contracts—just pull up the HyperLeap WiFi network on any device, sign up, and your residents have INSTANT access to blazing fast internet.

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